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What Are the Product Performance of Industrial Ethernet Switches?

1. Multiple uses of industrial Ethernet switches

Industrial Ethernet switches are used for multiple purposes such as intelligent transportation, electronic police, safe cities, and factory automation. High adaptability requirements are put forward on how to ensure reliable data transmission, network and communication equipment in harsh outdoor working environments.

2. What is the product performance of industrial Ethernet switches?

The reliability of the industrial Ethernet switch includes: power failure, port interruption, relay output alarm, dual redundant power supply design, 4pin pluggable terminal, support for 12 ~ 36V wide voltage input, AC DC universal, power reverse connection protection and Over-voltage and low-voltage protection can greatly improve the working stability of the product. Actively protect the active circuit, which can effectively and stably transmit on the industrial Ethernet network.

In the future, industrial Ethernet switches will usher in greater development with the continuous advancement of industrial automation processes and the continuous popularization of industrial Ethernet technology applications. From a technical point of view, real-time communication, reliability, and security are the focus of industrial Ethernet switch products. With the development of network technologies such as wireless networks and Bluetooth, industrial Ethernet switches will continue to move forward.

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