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What Are the Functions of Fiber Switch?

1. Introduction to the characteristics of fiber switch

The characteristic of the fiber switch is to use a fiber channel with a higher transmission rate to connect to the server network or the internal components of the SAN network, so that the entire storage network has a very wide bandwidth, which provides a guarantee for high-performance data storage.


However, in this kind of SAN storage network, it is the fiber switch that we often hear that plays a key role. Because this is a new type of equipment, and there are too many differences from the Ethernet switch we usually see and use (mainly reflected in the support of the protocol), therefore, many people, even enterprise users who have already used SAN storage network, have a little knowledge of SAN switch, here is an introduction to its functions.

2. The function of fiber switch

The fiber switch is a high-performance managed two layer fiber Ethernet access switch. Users can choose all-optical port configuration or photoelectric port hybrid configuration, and single-mode fiber or multi-mode fiber are available to be chosen as the accessible optical fiber media. This switch can support network remote management and local management at the same time to realize the monitoring of port working status and the settings of switch.

The optical fiber port is especially suitable for occasions where the access distance of the information point exceeds that of the cat 5 cable, and the occasions where anti-electromagnetic interference and communication confidentiality are required, the applicable fields include: Residential district FTTH broadband access network; enterprise high-speed optical fiber local area network; high-reliability industrial distributed control system (DCS); optical fiber digital video monitoring network; hospital high-speed optical fiber local area network; campus network.

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