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What Are The Advantages of Multimode Fiber Switches

Multimode optical fiber switch is a kind of non-contact type circuit switch made up of luminescent tube, optical fiber probe, light detector, amplifier and the output light. The optical fiber probe is composed of transmitting optical fiber and receiving optical fiber. There is a certain detection space between them. The optical path is used to turn on or off the detection space, and the circuit switch function is realized through photoelectric conversion. With strong anti-interference ability and wide applicability, it is used as the circuit switch of various automatic control equipment.

Multimode optical fiber switch is based on micromachine/low light level design, using high-precision optical devices. These switches have excellent parameters, extremely high flexibility and durable stability, and suitable for various applications. These switches are suitable for a wide range of wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared and can be produced and used with almost all optical fibers (cascaded and non-cascaded), many interfaces and almost all sizes of enclosures.

List of advantages

Very short switching time

Long-term stability

Low loss

Polarization maintaining

Full matrix/non-blocking matrix

High optical performance

Almost all fibers can be used

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