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What Are the Advantages and Protection Types of DIN Rail Power Supply?

One of the main advantages of the DIN rail system is that it saves space, and the entire cabinet can be installed in an extreme temperature location. In these sealed enclosures, integrated cooling fans are almost impossible, so the power supply must be designed to operate in extreme temperature environments without them. This is why DIN rail PSU can usually work in a wide temperature range. When reducing the output power (derating), most PSUs can operate at higher temperatures according to the derating diagram.

What is the protection type of DIN rail power supply?

The DIN rail PSU may be affected by electrical errors from the main power supply or connected load. This is why various safety functions are required when an error occurs. Protection against short circuits, overvoltages, over temperatures and overloads is essential for reliable operation. Some DIN rail PSUs have protection functions. The device automatically resumes operation after an error, and others need to be restarted manually.

Efficiency and no-load power consumption

In a closed cabinet without forced cooling, any additional heat dissipation will cause some components to stop working. Therefore it is recommended that the central DIN rail power supply have a high efficiency of at least 89%, so as to keep the heat dissipation at a minimum level. Low no-load power consumption also helps reduce additional heat dissipation.

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