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Total Solution of Industrial Ethernet Network

The overall industrial Ethernet solution provides enhanced hardware design, user-friendly software interface, data packet protection, and compatibility with multiple industrial communication standards for Ethernet products.

1. Industrial Ethernet network is widely used

With the rise of industrial automation technology and intelligent municipal engineering systems, with its advantages of high speed, high stability and high compatibility, industrial Ethernet network has become the most popular and widely used communication protocol. The total industrial Ethernet network solution can help customers build an industrial Ethernet network system that can meet their wide-ranging application needs. Ethernet products have passed CE and FCC standard certification, REM switch series supports all major industrial Ethernet network protocols, and connect to any processor to build any field device or controller application.

2. industrial ethernet switch poe

The industrial ethernet switch poe series includes two 2-port industrial Ethernet embedded switches, which can interface with any processor, including any ARM® CPU and communication controller; the technology has been integrated into its hardware architecture and has been applied to industrial ethernet switch poe software driver. These industrial ethernet switch poes are carefully designed, so you can choose the type of processor that suits your application without forcing the use of a specific vendor's protocol stack.

3. Advantages of using industrial ethernet switch poe

The industrial Ethernet switch is connected to the memory bus of the processor and looks like any other peripheral device on the bus. The storage cycle of the industrial Ethernet switch is reduced to 32ns (125 Mbps when using a 32-bit bus) to support EtherCAT 12.5μs cycle and 31.25μs cycle of PROFINET IRT; data is transmitted back and forth between switches using Priority Channel queues, so real-time data transmission can interrupt non-real-time data transmission without delay; these queues are managed by the switch driver and communicate with the protocol stack Interface to achieve as efficient data transfer as possible; this also means that you don't have to worry about managing switches of the setting low-level registers or tracking complex time management processes of the application software.

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