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Three Different Levels of Fiber Switch

1. What is a fiber switch?

Fiber switch is a kind of high-speed network transmission relay equipment, also called fiber channel switch or SAN switch, compared with an ordinary switch, it uses optical fiber cable as the transmission medium. The fiber switch has fast transmission speed and strong anti-interference ability.

2. Three levels of fiber switch

(1) Entry level switch

The application of entry level switch is mainly concentrated in small working groups with 8 to 16 ports, which is suitable for occasions with low prices as well as little need for expansion and management. They are often used to replace hubs, can provide higher bandwidth and more reliable connections than hubs.

(2) The working group level switch

Fiber switch provides the ability to cascade many switches into a large-scale Fabric (Fibre Channel). By connecting one or more ports of two switches, all ports connected to the switches can see the unique image of the network, and any node on this Fabric can communicate with other nodes.

(3) The core level fiber switch

The core level switch usually provides many ports, from 64 ports to 128 ports and more. It uses a very wide internal connection to route data frames with maximum bandwidth. The purpose of using these switches is to build a larger coverage network and provide greater bandwidth, they are designed to route frame signals as quickly as possible between multiple ports with the shortest delay.

In addition, the core fiber switch often uses hot plug circuit boards based on "blade type": As long as insert the switch board in the cabinet, new functions you need can be added , also, online maintenance can be performed, and online phased expansion on demand cab be achieved. Many core level switches do not support arbitrated loops or other directly connected loop devices, but only care about the capabilities of core switching.

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