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The Use Method And Application of Ethernet Switch

Ethernet Switch is the switch that transmits data based on Ethernet. Ethernet uses a local area network that shares a bus-type transmission medium. A good Ethernet Switch is structured in a way that each port is directly connected to the host and generally operates in full-duplex mode. The switch can connect many pairs of ports at the same time, and it allows each pair of hosts to communicate with each other to transmit data without conflict as an exclusive communication medium.

Application of Ethernet Switch

The application of good Ethernet Switch is common and the price is relatively cheap. Also, it has a full range of grades. Therefore, its application field is very wide and it can be found in large and small local area networks. The good Ethernet Switch usually has several to dozens of ports and it is essentially a multi-port bridge. In addition, its port rate can be different and the working mode can also be different. For example, it can provide 10M or 100M bandwidth. Also, it can provide half-duplex, full-duplex, adaptive working mode, etc.

How to use the Switch: about the connection of the device

1. How to set up the Switch: dual direct connection

2. Broadband router + network card + computer

3. Broadband router + Switch + network card + computer

4. How to set up the Switch: Switch + network card + computer

First of all, the broadband modem should be connected to the WLAN port of the router and the cable that comes with the modem can be used.

You can use a straight-through network cable to connect a router's LAN port with the switch's Uplink port. Also, the straight-through network cable can connect the ordinary port of the Switch and the computer. In this way, the hardware environment is done. If you have a small number of machines(2 or 3), there is no need to add a Switch. It is enough to connect the LAN port of the router to a computer with a straight-through network cable.

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