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The Function and Working Principle of Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch Are Introduced

Industrial managed Ethernet switch is a switch based on Ethernet to transmit data, and the Ethernet uses a local area network that shares a bus-type transmission medium. The structure of the industrial managed Ethernet switch is that each port is directly connected to the host, and generally works in full duplex mode. The switch can connect to many pairs of ports at the same time, so that each pair of hosts that communicate with each other can transmit data without conflict as if it were an exclusive communication medium.

1. The industrial managed Ethernet switch is a machine at the data link layer. Ethernet uses a physical address (MAC address), 48 bits, 6 bytes. Its working principle is: when a broadcast frame is received, it will forward it to all ports except the receiving port. When receiving a unicast frame, check its destination address and correspond to its own MAC address table, if there is a destination address, then forward it; if it does not exist, flood (broadcast); if there is no host MAC address and frame after broadcasting If the destination MAC address is the same, it will be discarded. If there is the same host, the host's MAC will be automatically added to its MAC address table.

The industrial managed Ethernet switch divides the conflict domain, and each port independently forms a conflict domain. If each port has a large amount of data to send, the port will first store the received data waiting to be sent in the register, and then send it out when it is its turn to send.

2. Features of the industrial managed Ethernet switch:

Mainly works on the physical layer and data link layer of the OSI model

Provides transparent bridging and switching between Ethernet

According to the MAC address of the link layer, the Ethernet data frame is forwarded between ports

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