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The Difference Between Single Mode and Multi-mode

Single mode and multi-mode, single fiber and dual fiber in converter

Single mode and multi-mode depend on optical cable, and single fiber and double fiber refer to one core optical fiber transmission or two core optical fiber transmission; Fiber optic media converter single mode refers to the use of single-mode optical cable. Single fiber transceiver only uses one core, and both ends are connected with this core. The transceiver at both ends uses different optical wavelengths, so it can transmit optical signals in one core. The dual fiber transceiver uses two cores, one for sending and the other for receiving. One end must be inserted in the receiving port, that is, the two ends must be crossed.

1. What’s the difference between single mode and multi-mode?

Fiber optic media converter single modetransmits in one mode, the fiber core is 9 μm, the speed is 100M/s or 1G/s, the transmission distance is more than 5km, and the light source is laser. The cable color is mostly yellow, the connector is mostly blue or green, and the applicable wavelength is 1310nm ~ 1550nm;

Multimode fiber supports multiple modes of transmission, and the fiber core is 50 μm / 62.5 μm, typical speed is 100M / s, transmission distance of 2km, 1G/s of 1000m, 10G/s of 550m, and the light source is LED. The color of the cable is mostly gigabit orange, the cores of more than 10,000 megabits are mostly water blue, and the connecting head is mostly gray white. The applicable wavelength is 850nm/1310nm.

2. Single mode single fiber optical transceiver

Fiber optic media converter single mode refers to the use of single-mode optical cable. Single fiber transceiver should achieve both transmission and reception functions. It uses the wavelength division multiplexing technology to transmit two different wavelengths of optical signals in one optical fiber to achieve transmission and reception. The single-mode single fiber transceiver is transmitted through a core fiber, so the transmitted and received light is transmitted through a fiber core at the same time. In this case, it is necessary to use two kinds of wavelengths of light to distinguish.

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