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The Definition of Ethernet Extender and Its Application Range

What is an Ethernet Extender?

According to the IEEE 802.3 specification, the wiring distance of the twisted pair is limited to 100 meters. For many web applications, this is obviously not enough. The Ethernet Extender is a network transmission module, which is a computer network communication module that can break the distance limit.

How can the Ethernet Extender Help Us?

The Ethernet Extenders can transmit data through different types of copper wires (such as telephone wires and twisted-pair wires). They can provide fast and long-distance data transmission between isolated Ethernet devices. It is very cost-effective. Its application easily solves the problem of distance requirements that exceed the 100-meter limit. The Ethernet Extender can also be called the Network Extender, the LAN Extender, the CAT5/6 Extender, etc. It uses a variety of transmission technologies on optical fiber or copper cables.

Where do we need the Ethernet extender?

Ethernet Extender is an ideal and cost-effective solution for many applications, especially when the network system must cover a wide area, such as a large office building, a university and even an entire community. The Ethernet extender makes it possible for us to extend the network coverage beyond the 100 meters of IEEE 802.3. And it can be used through point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connections. The Ethernet Extender can help you solve problems easily without any complicated and expensive wiring applications. It can be easily used to create high-speed networks between different parts of a building, entire neighborhoods or even miles away.

H3B only uses high-end electrical components and leading chipsets to ensure stable performance under any circumstances. When using an Ethernet Extender that is designed very cheaply, the connection on the network will still appear to be running even if the network connection is disconnected somewhere. In this way, it will stay a healthy operation over a network connection. you can figure out the location of the failure and take quick actions even if there is an actual failure in the link.

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