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The Application of TSN

Many people have heard of AVB, but they are not familiar with TSN. In fact, the IEEE 802.1 task force officially renamed AVB as TSN – Time Sensitive Network in November 2012. In other words, AVB is only an application in TSN. So what are the applications of TSN?

The first application is our professional audio and video. The main clock frequency is emphasized in this application field. In other words, all audio and video network nodes must follow the time synchronization mechanism.

The second application is in the field of automobile control. At present, most automobile control systems are very complex. For example, CAN bus is adopted in brake, engine, suspension, etc. LLN system is used for lighting, door and remote control. Entertainment systems are even more diverse, current car networks such as FlexRay and Most. In fact, all the above systems can be managed by TSN ethernet with low delay and real-time transmission mechanism. It can reduce the cost and complexity of adding network functions to automobiles and professional A / V equipment.

The third application is commercial electronics. For example, if you are sitting at home, you can connect to any electronic device at home through wireless WiFi, and browse any audio and video data in real time.

The last application is also the most widely used in the future. TSN network is needed in all industrial areas in need of real-time monitoring or real-time feedback such as robot industry, deep-sea oil drilling, banking and so on. TSN can also be used for data transmission among servers supporting big data. The global industry has entered the era of Internet of things. There is no doubt that TSN ethernet is the best way to improve the efficiency of Internet of things.

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