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The Application of Profinet Ethernet in Automation Field

Profinet is a superior communication technology and has been successfully applied to distributed intelligent control. Profinet creates a new prospect for the realization of the distributed automation system structure. It can promote the complete modularization of the whole plant project, including mechanical components, electrical/electronic components and applications. Profinet Ethernet supports various forms of network structures to minimize wiring costs and ensure high availability. In addition, specially designed industrial cables and durable connectors can meet EMC and temperature requirements and form standards, ensuring compatibility between different manufacturing equipment.

Profinet can not only be applied to distributed intelligent control, but also gradually applied to the field of process automation. In the field of process automation, Profinet is forming a standard or solution for problem of the power supply of general lines of Industrial Ethernet solutions and the application of Ethernet essence in the security field. The general lines of Profibus field integrated by Profinet can provide superior solutions for the process automation industry.

With Profinet communication technology, Profibus field devices can be integrated. Other kinds of general lines networks can be integrated through Proxy. With this unified and future design concept, all components in the factory can be pre-assembled and tested as independent modules, and then easily assembled in the whole system or reused in other projects. For example, for an automobile manufacturer, the real-time solution supported by Profinet Ethernet can fully meet the response time requirements of car body workshop, painting workshop and assembly department. The synchronous real-time function of Profinet can be used in the aspects of lathe synchronization in mechanical engineering, engine and gearbox production.

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