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The Technology Development of the POE Switch

As the basis of all data communication networks, the demand-structuralized distribution of the 802af POE comes into season.  Today's data networks answers to the development of new technologies with more innovated applications and services. For example, the wireless LAN can effectively extend existing networks where cabling is not available or where cabling are costly. The IP-based telephony, for instance, provides users with up-to-date and enhanced enterprise applications. The global security market has undergone dramatic changes, which directly impels users to placing some network security cameras or other security devices as possible on the existing Ethernet network frame. At present, this fresh application has been well received by the majority and achieved its rapid development. All of these devices supporting new applications need to be equipped with additional AC power supplies. In particular, wireless LAN, AP and IP cameras are located far from the center operator, which raises the cost to build the entire network. To facilitate the building and minimize the cost as possible, the American Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (the IEEE) approved a new 802af POE standard in June 2003 to ensure the capable supply of the existing structural distribution for new applications within the reach of users.


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