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Quality Control

Quality Control Value

As an original manufacturer, quality control is always on the top priority. All QC procedures are strictly implemented of ISO9001:2008 quality management system. We have been customer-oriented, adhering to the quality management concept of excellence, continuous improvement and perfection, which makes our product qualification rate to be 100%. Currently, Products have passed CCC certification, public security tests, CE, FCC, RoHS, lightning protection detection; and all products are with network access licenses. Our customers speak highly about our dedication to quality control and appreciate our effort to help them promote their business.

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How Do We Control?

From the beginning, all the raw materials are from qualified suppliers and when they arrive in the factory we will arrange the first step of QC. In this way, we can make sure all the material used for production would be highly qualified. After that, we also arrange semi-QC for half-finished PCB to make sure every component is in the right position. After soldering, the first power-on test is arranged. Only those PCBs with no packet loss at all will be approved for the next step. Thirdly, we will start assembly with iron cases, after assembly finished, there will be a power-on aging test. All products will be tested with a power adapter on and the testing range would be 24-48 hours. This is the part we focus mostly and it helped greatly on the faulty rate. We are able to keep the faulty rate at a very low level. After this procedure, we will start packing and arrange a random shaking proof test on the packings to make sure the packing is solid enough. For SFP modules and industrial switches, we also arrange a high-low temperature test for them.

Production Inspection:

The inspection test is the final guarantee to verify that the product fully meets the customer's requirements. From incoming inspection→production process inspection→final inspection control→shipment inspection→quality abnormal feedback→ quality record, we check and strictly control to make sure all products can be with the best condition and performance.

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