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Unmanageable Industrial Ethernet Switch 43-1GX4GT

Unmanageable Industrial  Ethernet Switch 43-1GX4GT
Features of Unmanageable Industrial Ethernet Switch 43-1GX4GT
  • Input Voltage:DC10~58V(Dual power supply redundancy)

  • Working Temperature:-40℃ ~ +85℃

  • Shell:IP40 Protection Level; Fan-less Design

  • Certifications:CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS

  • Anti-static Level:8K-15KV

  • MTBF:100000 hours

HS 1GX4GT is 1000M industrial grade fiber switch with 1 fiber port and 1 Ethernet port. It’s a stand-alone switch for outdoor Ethernet networks, which is perfect for interference-free connection and bridging long distances. Same as 100M series, we offer single mode and multi mode, single fiber and dual fiber. And there is SFP connector type available for gigabit series media converter. Multi mode can cover up to 2KM short distance needs and single mode can reach up to 120KM.

The HS unmanaged switches series are a cost-effective way to enter the field of Industrial Ethernet technology without any compromising on quality and reliability.

HS 1GX4GT is featured with a rebust IP67/IP54 housing to be used in the harsh outdoor environments. All HS industrial switch series are designed specifically to bear extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shocks and keep excellent performance at the meanwhile. HS Industrial grade Ethernet Switch series are ideal for the harsh environments found in industrial automation, marine, rail and intelligent transportation systems (ITSs), oil and gas, mining and all kinds of other outdoor applications. 1GX4GT is suitable for all applications where switch management function is not needed.

All components involved in HS Industrial Ethernet Switches are delicately designed and tested to deal with operating temperatures between -40 and 75 degrees. Many industrial switch manufacturers in the market claim -40 to 75 degrees but actually they just use commercial switch components instead, which will lead to big limitation on the reliability of the switch. Faulty and failures will be a common problem if commercial switch components are exposed and functioned under extreme temperatures. HS DIN Rail industrial switches only use reliable and genuine  components from leading imported chipset manufacturers to ensure the maximum product reliability. HS strictly controls the quality of all components adopted to avoid such problems during application.


As it is fan-less and low consumption design, there are also many other advantages such as its ease of use, small size, easy maintenance and etc. The design complies with Ethernet standards; lightning and electrostatic protection measures are also added. A wide range working temperature of -40 to +85 degrees enables its stable and reliable performance. The device can be widely used in intelligent transportation, telecommunications, security, financial security, customs, maritime transport, electricity, water and oil and other broadband data transmission fields.




Provider Mode Ports
Fixed Port1 *1000Base-X  4*10/100/1000 Base-T
Management PortNon-supportive
Power InterfacePhoenix Terminal, Dual power supply redundancy
LED IndicatorsPWR, Link/ACT, LED
Cable Type&Transmission Distance
Monomode Optical Fiber20/40/60/80/100KM
Multimode (Optical) Fibre550m
Net Topology&Networking Scale
Ring TopologyNon-supportive
Star TopologySupportive
Bus TopologySupportive
Tree TopologySupportive
Electrical Specifications
Input VoltageDC10-58V
Power ConsumptionTotal power <5W
POE Support (Optional)
PoE PortNon-supportive
PoE ProtocolNon-supportive
PoE Pin AssignmentNon-supportive
PoE ManagementNon-supportive
Layer 2 Switching
Switching Capacity10G
Packet Forwarding Rate7.44Mpps
MAC Address Table8K
Buffer Space1M
Forwarding Delay<4us
Port FeatureCross/Direct Connection Adaptive
Traffic ControlSupportive
Jumbo Frame10KBytes
Operating Temperature-30℃~+75℃
Storage Temperature-30℃~+75℃
Relative Humidity5%~95%(non-condensing)
Thermal MethodsFan-less design; Natural cooling
MTBF100,000 hours
Mechanical Dimensions
Product Size118X91X31mm
Installation MethodDIN-rail
EMC&Ingress Protection
IP LevelIP40
Surge Protection of PowerIEC 61000-4-5  Level 2(2KV/1KV)(8/20us)
Surge Protection of Ethernet PortIEC 61000-4-5  Level 3(4KV/2KV)(10/700us)
ESDIEC 61000-4-2  Level 4 (8K/15K)
Free Fall0.5m
AccessoriesSwitch; Phoenix terminal; Power adapter optional; User Manual; Qualified certificate.
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