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Media Converter Chassis

Media Converter Chassis
Features of Media Converter Chassis
  • With standard 2U design, it can be installed on the racks of the cabinet, which enables unify management and maintenance.

  • With a modular power supply design, we can replace the damaged power supply separately due to the redundant power supply without affecting the system.

  • All stand-alone media converters or media converter PCB can work alone without affecting each other’s performance.

  • All stand-alone media converters or media converter PCB are hot-pluggable.

  • Individual LED indicator for each power module, stand-alone media converter and media converter PCB.

Introduction to Fiber Optic Media Converter Chassis

The HS fiber optic media converter chassis is with a standard size of 19 inches. In order to fulfill the diversified market needs, the HS group developed media converter chassis with multiple designs from color to different slot combinations. The 2 most commonly used types are 14 slots and 16 slots. 14 slot type is for the stand-alone media converters and 16 slot type is for media converter PCB cards. Both are designed with a dual power supply. We also developed diversified color designs to help promote your brand among similar products.


The HS fiber media converter chassis is a highly integrated photoelectric converter center that centralizes up to 16 photoelectric converter cards in a single rack for a unified power supply. It not only reduces the cable, simplifies the structure, but also facilitates management and maintenance. Rack support for hot-swap optional single or dual power supply. With dual power supplies, in order to reduce the load on each power supply, both power supplies will be supplied at the same time to extend the life of power supplies. In case one of the power supply fails, the other power supply can be supplied independently so that the fast fiber converter will still work normally. When the power supplies need to be maintained, there is no need to pull out the media fiber converter or remove the rack from the cabinet. We can just simply pull the faulty power supply from the back of the rack for repair or replacement, which makes the maintenance extremely convenient and fast.

In this way, The fiber media converter chassis can provide high reliability, high capacity, high integration, economical. All of those significant features lead to stable operation, solid power supply capacity, easy operation, easy maintenance, and practical fiber optic network center solution for fiber-optic Ethernet network system. 

Specifications of Fiber Converter Chassis

Product Model

Product Description


10/100BASE-TX to 100BASE-FX SC Fiber Switch SMF,20KM


10/100BASE-TX to 100BASE-FX SC Fiber Switch DF,20KM

Installation of Fiber Media Converter Chassis


Application of Fiber Optic Media Converter Chassis


Ordering Information of Fiber Converter Chassis

Product Model

Product Description


14slot, 2U 19”, Dual power supply


16slot, 2U 19”, Dual power supply

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