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100M unmanaged POE switch 8EP+2E ND

100M unmanaged POE switch 8EP+2E ND
Features of 100M unmanaged POE switch 8EP+2E ND
  •  8*100Mbps POE ports, 2*100Mbps uplink ports

  •  Support 10/100M speed rate, MDI/MDIX and half/full-duplex and auto-negotiation

  •  Each port has complete LED indicator as power indicator, POE indicator, LINK/ACT

  •  VLAN DIP; and 250M long distance transmission

  •  Support IEEE802.d Spanning Tree to make network easier

  •  Support high performance QoS function on each port

  •  Support broadcast storm control

  •  Support 48-56V wide voltage input

  •  Support IEEE802.3x Flow control and Back pressure control

  •  Require no configuration and will instantly operate as soon as you power it up

  •  Default with end-span (1/2+, 3/6-) power supply, Mid-span(4/5+, 7/8-) optional

  •  All port support wire-speed forwarding, 64-1518 Frame can reach wire speed

  •  Support wall mounted installation

  •  Support 4K port lightning protection

  •  Adopt low power consumption chips, stable and reliable

  •  Adopt fanless cooling design, natural cooling

 Support POE power supply, support IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at, each port can provide up to 30W power supply

The HS 8EP+2EP ND is hot selling100M POE switch with 2 100M uplinks and 8  10/100Mbps RJ45 POE ports. It’s the internal power version with built in power adapter. We also offer external power type for you to choose. It’s one of the most needed models for short distance POE network environments. With VLAN DIP it can easily help to extend your network distance from the limit of 100 meters to 250 meters.

With the rapid development of POE technology, it’s applied in more network applications for IP cameras, IP phones, wireless bridges, Bluetooth access points, LED lights, printers, building security systems, etc. After applying POE switches to the current networks, 48V DC power supply can be easily accessed for above devices on the basis of current Ethernet cabling. All of those lead to the deduction of total construction costs.

HS 8EP + 2E ND is designed with strong data processing ability to ensure stable functioning. HS POE switches is processing datas by store and forward. By using big buffer switching chipsets, all ports support wire speed data forwarding to meet the demands of big flow. Due to the 1.6Gbps big back bandwidth, it sufficiently meets the demand of full-speed wire transfer needs of all the 8 POE ports.

HS 8EP + 2E ND is compatible with most network IP cameras in the market. First of all, HS POE switches are designed with IEEE802.3AF/AT protocols and industry leading end span powering system, which can effectively reduce at least 50% of the cabling loss. End span offers more power and can drive longer distance, which perfectly meets the POE needs of most IP cameras in the market.

As for the data procession ability, HS 8EP + 2E ND will also not let you down. Security survilliance sets very high requirements for the throughput and latency. The fluency and stability are both critical elements for video transmission. And HS POE switches would help you to reach those goals.


HS-8EP+2E is a 100M POE Switch with 8 10/100Mbps POE ports, with VLAN DIP it can easily have access to VLAN function. There are 2 10/100MBps uplink port. Longest POE distance can reach 250M. It is designed for school, family, SEMs, small range surveillance and other network connections. All ports support wire speed forwarding and the rate is up to 100Mbps. Each port support 4KV port lightning protection to ensure stable operation.







IEEE802.3 10Base-T

IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX




IEEE802.3x Flow control

IEEE802.3d Spanning Tree

IEEE802.3p QoS



Ethernet Port

Connector: RJ45

Data Rate: 10/100M adaptive

Distance: 250m

UTP Type: UTP-5E or higher level

POE Port

Power supply: end span

Battery core: 1/2+, 3/6-

POE port characteristics: 15.4/30W

POE total power: 120W


Processing Type: Store and Forward

Transmission mode: Full /Half duplex

MAC Table Size: 1K

Buffer Space: 448K bit

Back bandwidth: 2G

Time Delay: <150μs


Power Type: external power supply

Input Voltage: AC100V~240V  50/60Hz

Connector: DC Socket

Working Voltage: 48-56V

Power Consumption: 1.4W~3W


Storage Temperature: -40~70℃

Operating Temperature: -10~55℃

Relative Humidity: 5-95% ( no condensation)


1  year

Physical Characteristics

Dimension: 210×150×33mm

Weight: 0.35kg

Color: Metal, Blue

Order information


10*100M Ethernet port, 8 ports have POE function

Note: 1. Default power 52V1.25A.

    2. Default with US standard; GB, EU standards as request.

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