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POE Extender

POE Extender
Features of POE Extender

POE Extender-The Smart Solution for Covering Distances

As we all know, Ethernet has a limited cable length between the switch and the camera of 100m (328 ft.). When a longer transmission distance is needed, we normally use fiber cables to extend the transmission distance. However, sometimes we do not have the budget or space for fiber wiring. To overcome the Ethernet cable distance limit, we can simply apply with a POE extender. It can help extend a certain distance with CAT-5e or CAT-6 cables. After using POE extenders, the connection distance in total for the Ethernet cables can be as long as 400 meters. Besides, it's very easy to use and also with competitive prices. For applications not suitable or affordable on fiber solutions, it can help solve the problem easily and effectively. 

POE Extender has the following main features: 

1.Extends a POE connection beyond the limit of 100 meters

2. It's IEEE802.3af and 802.3at compliance

3.Super easy for installation; without any additional power supply

4.With wide compatibility to most POE products in the market. 

5.Mainly for indoor use. 

How are the HS POE Ethernet Extender Deployed? 

Switch > PoE transmitting device > PoE receiving device > IP powered device

Detailed steps are as follow:

1. Connect the switch and POE transmitting device through fiber cables

2. Connect the "To RX" port on the POE extender to the "To TX" port in the PoE receiving device through RJ45 cable

3. Connect the "To IP device" port on the POE extenders to the ending IP device that needs to be powered. 

Why HS Power Over Ethernet Extender? 

HS PoE Extender delivers 100 Mbps, full-duplex data rate. Our POE Extender can be installed easily into an existing installation as it's compatible with both POE and non-POE switches in the market. It’s designed to extend POE over the standard of 100 meters. For many building applications that require more than 100 meters Ethernet distance, HS POE extender can play a very important role to extend the limited distance. HS POE extender is an easy and cheap solution for many application scenarios as to power IP cameras, access card readers by providing power plus data to up to 4 IP devices under 1 Ethernet cable. 

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