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Intelligent traffic Solution

Intelligent Transportation System's (ITS) information and communication technologies are mostly referred to as the concept of road transportation. With more than 1.2 billion cars in the world, it's more and more difficult to monitor and manage the traffic load for the urban road networking systems. Traffic control has been a huge issue since the first day of wheels on the road. People value mobility and convenience more than anything and cars are the best representatives of mobility. But traffic issues are occupied everywhere in today's world. Traffic flows are moving extremely slow, sometimes they get stuck even. Intelligent traffic systems (ITS) is also called as intelligent transportation systems. It varies from basic management systems, variable message signs, automatic plate numbers identify to security surveillance systems, and so on.

In general, traffic management and safety depend greatly on real-time information and communication. In order to help increase traffic flow, reduce congestion, and improve incident response speed, H3B provides Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions that can rapidly collect instant information about the current traffic conditions. For all parts involved in the traffic, intelligent transportation systems rely basically everything on data about the traffic flow, speed, and traffic density, weather conditions, and IP camera video records. H3B industrial series reveals all those real-time data with high speed and it has access to all kinds of networking device interfaces. Especially the industrial POE series, they are with great help as they can not only bear the long-time data transmission tasks but also can offer sustainable power supply for the needed devices in the whole complicated network systems.

In order to keep pace with the need of more efficiently monitor and management on traffic congestion, advanced traffic management systems (ATMS) are desperately needed. Most of those occasions demand Most of those have strict demands on data processing on the traffic flow monitoring, traffic cameras control. All of them require flawlessly real-time operation and long-distance coverage. What’s more, many of the applications require perfect performance under harsh environments. H3B supports a variety of qualified industrial switches to be used both in the control centers and distant control devices. We are here to help with all the needs of the ITS.

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