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Installation and Application of Industrial Media Converter

Why choose H3B rugged media converter?

H3B's industrial media converter is a reliable product that can provide stable media conversion in harsh environments. H3B industrial Ethernet to optical media converter can provide stable and fast conversion between Ethernet signal and optical fiber signal. Industrial media converters are designed with hard materials, which can remain strong even under the harshest conditions. H3B Industrial Media Converter adopts first-class technology, which can resist various environmental changes. All of these can achieve stable and efficient performance under the harshest conditions. For various outdoor needs, this is definitely an amazing choice.

Industrial media converters are used to link copper cables and optical fiber networks in outdoor industrial environments. H3B industrial media converters are designed to convert copper wires to optical fibers and convert single-mode optical fibers to multimode optical fibers under harsh working conditions. H3B Industrial Media Converter is an ideal choice for extending the transmission distance of copper cable equipment (such as CCTV cameras, wireless routers, oil fields, weather forecasts, construction sites, school security, and various industrial and outdoor projects).

In order to facilitate the installation of industrial fiber optic converters, there are two common methods. The H3B industrial media converter can be wall mounted or directly mounted on a DIN rail. H3B industrial media converters are specially developed for normal operation under harsh conditions (usually in the temperature range of -40-75°C). The H3B industrial media converter is made of an IP40 sturdy aluminum metal casing, which helps to prevent dust in outdoor environments.

The working temperature can be defined as follows:

Standard (0° to +40°C)

Hardening: (-25° to + 60°C)

Extreme: (-40° to +75°C)

Industrial media converters are commonly used in the following environments:

Agriculture, building automation, factory automation, military projects, smart manufacturing, oil and gas drilling and mining, smart cities, safe cities, new energy, smart grids, rail transit, aerospace, and transportation.

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