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Innovation in Industrial Ethernet

Huabo provides highly automation intelligent machines you need, and highly intelligent support requires large data. As an automation expert, we provide a full range of products, including IO connector, IO connector wiring harness, bus connector, IP67 Ethernet switch, CAN bus module, IP67 hubs of various specifications, overloading connector, robot pipeline package overlay on the IO-Link security, to collect detaid, accurate, safe and reliable data, help to improve automation power.

In mining rail transit industry, excellent industrial Ethernet switch products publicize and commend the successful cases of industrial Ethernet switch in rail transit industry. The products build the top ten industrial Ethernet switches recognized by the the powerful influence of the media, select the most valuable brands and products users and promote the application of innovative products in the rail transit industry.

From the analysis of product lines, the products of each company are quite different. Core three-layer switches, modular switches, POE switches and ip67 Ethernet switches can all provide and build very complete network programs. The product lines of the lower ranked brands, the product lines are basically incomplete. Some have only launched a few commonly used models, mainly to improve the overall automation product line of the company without independent competitiveness.

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