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The Identification of Various Network Cables

The mark "CAT. 3" tells a line with 10M bandwidth for the washout 10 M network. Labeled with "CAT. 5", the lines have 100M bandwidth for the network below 100M. The recent mainstream is the coaxial cables marked with "CAT. 5E", whose bandwidth is 155M. The trend of future is the "CAT. 6", whose bandwidth is 250M favorable to set up gigabit network. The plastic coating of the genuine CAT. 5 is printed with clear and smooth characters. Whereas, the inferior printing quality with coarse lines indicates the fakers.

If identification failed by the“appearance check", "touch" is a way for further distinguishing the genuine CAT. 5 / CAT. 5E coax from the shoddy ones. Soft as the qualified cable is, it adopts the copper wire as its conductor core to meet the need of slight bending in different network environment ( for hard ones are prone to break by bending). While some illegal manufacturers mix other metal elements into copper to minimize the cost, which hardens the conductor core leading to a difficult bending and a likely break in use.

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