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How to Install Ethernet Switch and Matters Needing Attention

The Ethernet Switch is a switch based on Ethernet to transmit data, and the Ethernet uses a local area network that shares a bus-type transmission medium. The Ethernet Switch is structured in a way that each port is directly connected to the host and generally operates in full-duplex mode. The article focuses on how to install the good Ethernet Switch and the matters needing attention when using the good Ethernet Switch.

How is the Switch prepared with a networking equipment?

Assuming that you have applied for the ADSL broadband service of China Telecom and already installed it in place, please check the product description of ADSLModem before setting up a shared LAN. If it supports the routing function, it can save money on a broadband router.

Another essential device is the Switch, which serves as a transit device for communication between computers. In addition, each computer has to install a network card to receive data. Basically, that is all. However, it will not go to so much trouble if you only have two computers. A network card can be installed in each of the two computers directly and then connect with a network cable.

Matters needing attention of the Ethernet Switch

In order to ensure the good Ethernet Switch can work normally and have a long service life, the following matters should be paid attention to:

1. Please place the good Ethernet Switch in dry and ventilated areas with less dust and weak electromagnetic interference.

2. When placing the good Ethernet Switch, please pay attention to the stability of the Switch to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the fall of the Ethernet Switch.

3. Sufficient space should be reserved around the good Ethernet Switch to facilitate its normal heat dissipation.

4. Do not place heavy objects on the good Ethernet Switch.

5. When using the good Ethernet Switch, please make sure it is grounded.

6. The power supply voltage of the power cord shall meet the input voltage range of the Switch to ensure the correct power supply.

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