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How to Choose (Buying guide)

Main Categories of our Products

Our main products include fiber optic media converter, fiber optic switch, POE switch, Ethernet switch, industrial switch, SFP modules, etc.

How to Choose Media Converters?  

Media converters are normally defined as 1 fiber port + 1 RJ45 port. Most media converters are of similar size and design because of the need to be used on standard media converter chassis.

Besides, H3B has developed a unique mini size media converter that can be used in explosion-proof cameras. They are much smaller than normal media converters and are designed with aluminum cases. If you are going to need a supermini size media converter for a limited space or installed inside of cameras it would be a perfect option for you.

For all those media converters, you can select according to as below tips for fiber optic switches.

There is a special occasion though if you are looking for media converter chassis type. There would be 2 kinds, 14 slots, and 16 slots. 14 slot type is designed for stand-alone media converters; 16 slot type is for media converter card type.  

How to Choose Fiber Optic Switches?  

First of all, you need to consider if there is fiber involved in the network system. If the only Ethernet needed, Ethernet switches would be enough. If fiber involved, then we should consider POE or non-POE. For networks with IP cameras, POE would be a perfect solution. Thirdly, let’s consider the installation environment, if using in outdoors, the industrial switch would be what needed most. After those considerations, we can know what kind of device will do better.

Then, we can go deeper into more product specifications. Usually, we will have a very clear idea about the switches you need after you answer the following questions.

1. Do you need to use for indoor or outdoor?

2. Do you need 100Mbps or 1000Mbps switch?

3. Do you need a single-mode or multi-mode?

4. If you need single-mode, do you need a single fiber or dual fiber switch? 5. Do you prefer SFP switch or SC/FC switch?

6. How many fiber ports and RJ45 ports you need?

7. With POE or without POE?

How to Choose SFP Modules?  

Commonly used SFP modules cover 100M, 1.25G, and 10G SFP modules. And we offer both fiber modules and RJ45 modules. So it would be easy for the first step; you need to find out what kind of modules you need.

For RJ45 modules, it's much easier. As it's only used to turn fiber ports into RJ45 ports and you only have to consider the transmission rate.

But for fiber SFP modules, it would be a little more complicated as there are various types. Normally we design optical modules into different wavelengths and we can easily identify them from the color of the rings. Common connector types are SC and LC. After that, we consider the distance requirements. For optical modules, distance can be 300 meters to 120KM. As for compatibility, it will not be an issue as we are offering optical modules with super-wide compatibility. You just need to tell us the brands of switches or the model numbers you are using; we will send you compatible modules.

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