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How to Choose an Industrial Ethernet Switches?

1. Introduction of industrial Ethernet switches

Industrial switches are also called industrial Ethernet switches, that is, the Ethernet switch equipment used in the industrial control field, due to the  network standard adopted, which has good openness, wide application and low price as well as uses the transparent and unified TCP/IP protocol, Ethernet has become the main communication standard in the industrial control field. What kind of industrial Ethernet switch applications are suitable for the factory? Many factors need to be considered, here are some suggestions on how to choose an industrial Ethernet switch.


2. The suggestions for choosing industrial Ethernet switches

(1) Work environment considerations

Including temperature range, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, protection level, installation method and power supply, etc. Industrial Ethernet switches are designed for environments that are not suitable for commercial switches, such as environments with extreme temperature, high vibration, and strong electromagnetic noise.


(2) Choose a network managed or non-network managed switch

If the network is relatively simple, a plug-and-play non-network managed switch can be chosen; If you want to maintain convenience in the future, a network managed switch may need to be chosen, only network managed switch can achieve ring topological connections.


The key question when choosing an industrial Ethernet switch is whether to choose a network managed or non-network managed switch. Although the network managed switch is usually more expensive, it provides some additional powerful features, which includes the characteristics of non-network managed switch.

Relevant industry standards need to be met : For example, the ship’s switch should meet the standards of ship structure, if it is an application in a hazardous situation, it must meet the corresponding certification standards, the transportation industries such as rail transit and highways also have their own standards.

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