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Future Oriented Industrial Ethernet Technology

PROFINET is a future oriented industrial Ethernet Technology. It is hoped that more and more enterprises will explore the development of PROFINET technology, continue to optimize, innovate, and promote the application of profinet industrial ethernet in China.

In the traditional industrial field, the complex wiring structures of various hybrid networks are often accessible. With the increasing demand of users for communication and data acquisition, Ethernet system is becoming more and more popular, and its complexity is also rapidly increasing.

"Different from the traditional industrial Ethernet standard, in the system based on profinet industrial ethernet, we can transmit multiple data at the same time with one line." To simplify Ethernet wiring, manager Feng gave his solution: "through the division of data channels, different types of data can be transmitted on their own channels. Now, there's a growing demand for it. "

It is said that PROFINET can be divided into two types of real-time periodic communication with different performance. One is RT (real-time), which is mainly used for factory automation. There is no requirement for time synchronization in this kind of communication. Generally, the response time is only 5-10ms. The other communication is IRT (isochronous real-time). Guaranteed by embedded synchronous real-time switching chip, it is mainly used in occasions with strict time synchronization requirements, such as motion control, electronic gear, etc.

In addition to real-time communication, there is also a standard non real-time communication channel adopting TCP and UDP / IP protocols in PROFINET, which is generally used for device parameterization, configuration and reading diagnostic data. It can also connect to standard TCP / IP devices for open data communication. "The chips adopted by Siemens for PROFINET development now are of IRT function," said Manager Feng. However, if only software protocol stack is used for development, the real-time level can only reach the performance level of RT. "

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