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Functions of the Ethernet Switch and How to Install It

Ⅰ. What is Ethernet switch?

Ethernet switch is the switch that transmits data based on Ethernet. Ethernet uses a local area network that shares a bus-type transmission medium. Ethernet switch is structured in a way that each port is directly connected to the host and generally operates in full-duplex mode. The article will focus on the functions of the Ethernet switch and introduce how to install it.

Ⅱ. How to install the Ethernet switch?

1. How is the switch prepared with networking equipment? Assuming that you have applied for the ADSL broadband service of China Telecom and already installed it in place, please check the product description of ADSLModem before setting up a shared LAN. If it supports the routing function, it can save money on a broadband router.

2. Another essential device is the switch (you can buy ethernet switch in BLIY) , which serves as a transit device for communication between computers. In addition, each computer has to install a network card to receive data. Basically, that is all. However, it will not go to so much trouble if you only have two computers. A network card can be installed in each of the two computers directly and then connect with a network cable.

Broadband routers have two functions, one is to connect different networks and the other is to select information transmission lines. It is the best solution for sharing broadband connections. Also, with the advantages of easy to use, easy to manage and zero maintenance, it has become the preferred device for Internet sharing access. The hardware is the basis for the operation of the router. With a good hardware model and high quality, the router not only has stable functions but also can be extended.

As for the Ethernet switch, the article focuses on the functions of Ethernet switch and how to install it. In a word, the functions of the Ethernet switch are obvious and it has been widely used in many fields. The installation of the Ethernet switch is usually done by professionals, so there is no need to worry about it.

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