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Fiber Optical Solution

The Conception of Fiber Optical Communication

Optical fiber communication is a means of communication by using light as an information carrier and optical fiber as the transmission medium. Firstly, it transfers Ethernet signals of the audio files, telephone, image, and data into optical signals at the transmitting side. Through the fiber transmission to the receiving end, the receiver device transfers an optical signal into Ethernet signals and all the data will be presented in an original way.

Main Features of Fiber Optical Communication

1, By using light as a carrier, it greatly improves the channel bandwidth

Bandwidth is the frequency range of signal transmission without significant attenuation, the greater the bandwidth of the signal, the greater the signal capacity will be. For analog signals, the amount of information carried by the signal is related to the bandwidth it occupies. For example, the bandwidth of the voice signal is about 4KHz and the bandwidth of the TV image is about 6MHz.

2. The working wavelength of light transmission in optical fiber is determined by the characteristics of the fiber.

The visible light wavelength range is 400-700nm, technically speaking, the light also includes ultraviolet and infrared. Optical fiber communication light source used in the wavelength range near-infrared zone, wavelength between 800-1700nm, which is invisible light. But not all of this range of light can be transmitted through fiber cables. Common wavelengths used for our products are 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm, and so on.

3. The work of light in optical transmitters and optical receivers is based on the radiation and absorption of light.

Advantages of Fiber Optical Communication

1. The channel bandwidth is huge.

Limited by device factors, the current fiber optic communication capacity is not fully exploited, for example, in theory, a fiber can transmit nearly 10 billion telephones and 10 million television programs at the same time, and now the level of 480,000 telephone signals per pair of fiber optics.

2. Regenerative relay, the long transmission distance can be covered.

Currently, our products cover transmission distance from 500m to 2km, 20km, 40km, 60km, 80km, 120km. Click here to know more about our fiber optic network switch.

3. Anti-interference

Interference is an important factor affecting the quality of communication, such as lightning, electric motors, high-voltage wires, wireless communications. Optical signals are transmitted in optical fiber with a specific frequency range, which makes it less susceptible to these interferences. At meanwhile, fiber cable is made of silica, which is non-conductive and without electrical effect so the optical fiber communication system can fundamentally solve the problem of interference.

4. Good confidentiality.

Good confidentiality is another important requirement of a fiber optic communication system. Confidentiality requirements have been extended from the national political, military, economic intelligence, and other fields to enterprise economy, technology, and even personal communications. There are 3 common ways of information theft, the first way is direct access-type eavesdropping, the other is eavesdropping on computers and terminal equipment radiation electromagnetic field, the last one is eavesdropping cable source. But light waves are transmitted in an optical fiber which is not easy to leak out, so it is difficult to eavesdrop on the information in those traditional ways.

5. Saving non-ferrous metal resources

6. Lightweight

7. Long life

Common Applications for Fiber Optical Communication

Urban Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (ITS), Safety City, Highway Monitoring System, Electronic Road Monitoring, Network Cameras, Security Monitoring System of Large Factories and Mines, Network Multi-functional System, Remote Multimedia Teaching / Campus Monitoring, Remote Network Video Conference System

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