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Features of Profinet Ethernet

A PROFINET CBA system will include many automatic components. Components can be mechanical, electronic, or it's the IT variable, and components can be generated by standard programming tools. Components can be described by a PROFINET component description file in XML format. The planning tool loads these descriptions and establishes logical relationships between different components.

Profinet Ethernet supports tool call interface. Every equipment manufacturer can parameterize and diagnose field equipment with any software supporting TCI function without exiting the program.

Proximity identification and device replacement: all Profinet Ethernet will identify adjacent devices. Therefore, if the equipment fails, it can be replaced without additional tools and prior knowledge. With this information, the topology of the system can be clearly presented in an image way.

Parameter server: individual data can be loaded into the parameter server in a neutral way of the manufacturer (such as TCI), and the parameter server will automatically archive the parameters. When the device is replaced, the parameter server will automatically reload the relevant data.

Deterministic: PROFINET supports deterministic data transfer and can be used in high accuracy control tasks.

Redundancy: the concept of redundancy in PROFINET greatly improves the availability of the system.

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