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Ethernet PoE Solution

PoE (Power Over Ethernet) refers to the transmission of data signals for IP-based terminals (e.g. IP telephones, WLAN access point SAPs, network cameras, etc.) without any changes to the existing Ethernet Cat.5 cabling infrastructure. It also provides DC-powered technology for those devices.

Main Features of PoE switch

  1. Cost-saving

  2. Easy to use and convenient for maintenance

  3. Web-management optional

  4. Secure to use

Composition: PSE and PD

Connecting way: Mid-span and End-span

POE power supply method

midspan PSE, Alternative B

Endpoint PSE, Alternative A

The Classification of PoE Switch

1. Standard PoE Switch

Standard PoE switch is also well-known as a 48V switch; they are compatible with IEEE802.3af/at. PSE and PD are 2 essential parts in a complete PoE system. POE switch is one kind of PSE device. Generally speaking, PSE works as the administrator and PD is the ending device that is to be powered.

2. Non-standard PoE Switch

Non-standard PoE switch is known as 24V POE. There is no auto-detection before the power supply. So there is a risk of burning. It has been gradually replaced by 48V standard POE.

Working Process of Standard POE Switch

PoE Power negotiation and power budget

Below is a connecting diagram for our gigabit POE switch 2 uplink + 8 POE ports.

connecting diagram for our gigabit POE switch

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