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Ethernet Extender

What Is An Ethernet Extender?

Under IEEE 802.3 specifications, the twisted-pair wiring distance limit is 100 meters. For many network applications, it's obviously not enough. Ethernet extender is a network transmission module It is a computer network communication module that can break that distance limit.

Ethernet Over Coax
Ethernet Over Coax
What Is Ethernet Over Coax?Ethernet over Coax is also well known as EoC. It’s a technology that supports the data transmission of Ethernet signals over coaxial cables. With the development of technol...
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How Does Long Distance Ethernet Extender Help Us?

Ethernet extenders can transmit data through different types of copper wiring, such as phone lines and twisted pairs and so on. A long-distance ethernet extender can deliver fast and long-distance data transmission between isolated Ethernet devices. It's very cost-effective; By using long-range ethernet extenders, it's easy to solve the problem of distance needs beyond 100 meters' limitation.  Ethernet extenders can also be called ethernet network repeaters, ethernet LAN extenders, CAT5/6 extenders, ethernet signal extenders and so on. It's applied with multiple transmission technologies over fiber or copper cables.

Where Do We Need Ethernet Signal Extender?

Ethernet signal extender is a perfect and cost-effective solution in many kinds of applications. Especially when the network system must cover a wide area, such as a big office complex, university, or even a whole neighbourhood. Ethernet repeater extenders offer us the possibility to extend the network coverage well beyond the IEEE 802.3 limit of 100 meters. It can be used both by point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connection. Without any complicated and expensive wiring application, an Ethernet repeater extender can help you solve the problem easily. They can be easily used to create a high-speed network between different parts of buildings, across the neighbourhood or even from miles away.

HS only uses high-end electrical components and a leading chipset to ensure stable performance under any circumstances. If using very cheap designed Ethernet network extenders, even when the network connection is disconnected somewhere the connection on the network will still look like it's still running. All our strict control of the materials and quality ensure fast to identify and reaction if there is any faulty report. In this way, it will keep a healthy running in the network connections. Even when there is an actual failure in the link you will be able to find out the faulty position and take fast action.

Advantages of HS Ethernet long range extender

In addition to repackaging the data center switch as a control bridge, the use of port expanders has some unique advantages:

1. Compared with any other solution serving Ethernet ports, Ethernet long-range extender requires only a small cost, power consumption and board area.

2. Ethernet distance extender has little or no software. This simplified operational deployment reduces management entities and is limited to high-end control bridges.

3. Long reach Ethernet/network extender can communicate with any high-end switch through standard protocol 802.1br. Other options include Marvell DSA or a programmable header.

4. The Ethernet network extender works well with any conversion services: 100gbe to 10GbE ports, 400gbe to 25gbe ports, etc.

5. The Ethernet signal repeater can operate at any downlink speed: 1gbe, 2.5gbe, 10GbE, 25gbe, etc.

6. Ethernet Repeater/extender can adopt oversubscribed mode or non-oversubscribed mode, which means that the ratio of uplink broadband to downlink broadband can be designed from 1:1 to 1:4 (depending on the application). This in itself can reduce cost and power consumption through the 4x specification.

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