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Why Do We Need Media Converter Chassis?  

In today’s society, smarter cabling is always in urgent need of the rapid growth of new technologies in enterprise networks. Especially for the integrated cabinets and data centers, all kinds of cables terminate from there and it would be a huge mess if there is no management at all. Under such circumstances, the high-density conversion solution is much needed. For media converters, chassis is exactly the perfect solution. It helps save a lot of troubles in the applications which require huge load of network connectivity.

What Kind of Chassis Do We Offer?

Media converter chassis is designed as an integrated processing base for multiple media converter devices. There are 2 kinds normally, one kind is chassis with slide-in media converter cards to provide connectivity. Only media converter PCBs are required, customers can save the cost on media converter cases as well as power adapters. It’s very convenient to use. The other kind is for stand-alone types of media converters. It’s used with stand-alone media converters, just need to insert individual media converters inside then we can use it freely. Both types are designed with redundant power to make sure ongoing functioning even in the situation of power supply failure.

HS Chassis offers you an ideal integrated connecting solution, not only for low-density but also for high-density network demands. Commonly needed types are 14 slots and 16 slot versions. They are both designed in a 19-inch size. 14 slot is for stand-alone media converters; 16 slot is for media converter card types. There are also manageable types for you to choose from. Basic management functions can be achieved easily. As for the design, we’ve developed multi-color options for you to promote. Most common color for media converter in the market is black and grey. In order to help you highlight your brand and design among other similar products, we developed grey, silver and champagne colors to meet different needs. We are always on the way of innovation and try our best to meet all possible requirements from our customers.

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