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Brief Introduction of Ethernet BNC Interface

The full name of BNC is Bayonet Nut Connector (which vividly describes the shape of it). It is also called British Naval Connector or Bayonet Neill Conselman (this connector was invented by a man named Neil Conselman).

Ethernet BNC interface is 10Base2 connector, namely coaxial thin cable connector. It can isolate input signals of videos and reduce the interference between signals. The signal bandwidth is larger than the common 15-pin D-type interface, which can achieve better signal response. At present, the network card with this interface type is rare in thin coaxial cable, mainly because there are few ethernet through coaxial cable as transmission medium. Nowadays, it is mostly used for video signal transmission of monitors for security industry and interfaces on indoor wall for cable TV. This kind of interface is only available for products with monitors over 17 inches.

The video signal input lines of Ethernet BNC interface are composed of R, G, B, horizontal scanning and vertical scanning lines. This connector can separate the input signals of three primary colors in video and make them independent of each other, which can greatly avoid interference and improve the video input characteristics. Because of this, BNC interface has always been one of the characteristics of professional monitors. The BNC interface is good in quality and cheap. Moreover, the price and sales volume of DVI equipment cannot meet market demand. Ethernet BNC interface will continue to exist in the market to meet the needs of users.

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