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Application of Industrial Switch in Metallurgical Automation

1. The metallurgical industry environment requires high-intensity work of industrial Ethernet equipment

Industrial environments such as metallurgy have high requirements for the reliability of industrial control, and industrial control has high requirements for real-time communication. The industrial environment is very harsh, so the industrial Ethernet equipment often needs to work for a long time under strong electromagnetic interference, severe vibration, dust, ultra-high temperature or extremely low temperature.

Industrial automation systems are developing towards distributed, intelligent, and real-time control. Industrial Ethernet technology provides an open infrastructure to meet the urgent needs for integrated communication protocols and networks in the industrial control field, which will be widely popularized and applied, and become the development direction of industrial control communication in the future. Therefore, industrial-grade switches will gradually become the main industrial communication products.

2. The application of industrial-grade switches in metallurgical automation

Industrial Ethernet switches provide stable and reliable multi-service communication in the harshest environment, and provide communication guarantee for the effective operation of the industrial control industry.

Industrial Ethernet provides an Ethernet standard for data transmission in manufacturing control networks. This technology is based on industrial standards and utilizes a switched Ethernet structure. It has high network security, operability and effectiveness, and meets the needs of users and manufacturers to the greatest extent. Industrial Ethernet will attract more and more manufacturers with its unique charm of low cost, high efficiency, high scalability and high intelligence, so that industrial Ethernet will occupy a dominant position in the field of metallurgical automation network control. 

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